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Chocolate & Cheese


Sat. Nov. 13, 2021 ~ 10am - 7pm

Heritage Park

200 N Mckenzie St. Foley AL

Nov. 13, 2021.

Sat. 10am - 7pm

Heritage Park

200 N McKenzie St

Foley AL

Contest information:

Noon - Chocolate Eating- Lick liquid chocolate out of a bowl without using your hands. First one to clean their bowl wins $50 in Vendor Bucks

1pm - Cheese Toss - each pair stand apart from each other and one will toss the cheese, the other will catch it. After each successful toss, everyone takes one step back. The pair that can toss theirs the furthest, without dropping it, wins $50 in Vendor Bucks

2pm - Cheese Stacking - Stack cheese as high as you can, the one who can stack theirs the highest in one minute, wins $50 in Vendor Bucks

3pm - Chocolatier - We supply the ingredients, you decide how much to use. After 5 min. Judges will sample your chocolate and choose the winner - $50 in Vendor Bucks 1st place

4pm - Guess the cheese - Taste 6 different cheeses, and write down what you think the kind of cheese is. The one who gets the most correct wins $50 in Vendor Bucks

Vendor Bucks are good at any vendor booth, including food & beverage.